Sunday Service @ 1:00pm                  
Wednesday Bible Study @ 6:30pm     
Pastor Tiffany Brashear MA.C, Senior Pastor
I gave the Lord Jesus Christ my life at the age of 12 years old and was baptized in Jesus Name for the remissions on my sins and received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I accepted the call of God to preach His Word at the age of 13 years old. I was raised in a Pentecostal home by an anointed woman of God who was also a preacher of the gospel. I was ordained at the age of 16 years through a holiness organization. I attended Christian school my entire life and graduated at the age of 16 years old then went straight into college. I served as youth pastor for 3 years as well as evangelized. I also played the drums in a southerngospel group for several years. I am originally from Hazard, Kentucky but grew up in Logan, WV. I moved to Charleston, WV at the age of 19 years to finish my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice and started attending a UPCI church where I was a lay minister and the singles leader. I also served as a Youth Pastor for years in a Pentecostal Holiness Church. I graduated from undergraduate college in 2006 then went straight into graduate college where I received a master’s in counseling in 2008. I have worked in the mental health for over 10 years. I received the call of God to become pastor in September 2009. I have always had a heart to pastor and preach the word of God. I love to work with people and have dedicated my entire life to serve others in the ministry and my career. My testimony is I am overcoming the overwhelming and I am in the process of writing a book about my testimony. I know the Lord has called me to pastor a church where will have a deliverance ministry according to Mark 16. God has blessed me with a wonderful partner and we have a beautiful daughter who is the love of our lives. If you have further about me please feel free to contact me.

Sister Shannon Lucas, Youth Pastor
My name is Shannon Lucas. I am the Youth Pastor and children's sunday school teacher on sunday's. I am the mother of one beautiful little girl named Riley who is the joy of my life. I also have 3 neices and 3 nephews who also give me great joy. I am in a commited relationship to Pastor Tiffany Brashear. We enjoy being Pastor's of a affirming minstry that is reaching out to everyone regardless of the race, gender, and sexual identity. We have a vision to reach the ones that no one else wants to ministry too. I was raised in a Pentecostal Church in which I was invovled in the youth group. I also lead praise and worship in the choir. I have always loved the Lord but I was out of church for 18 years due to the judgement of others. I now understand that Jesus loves me for who I am and he is the only judge. The bible says whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. I am thankful that I am a whosoever. My vision is ministry to children, teenagers, and young adults. I want this generation to know that God loves them and they do not have to be perfect just forgiven. If you are looking for place to call home please visit Pentecostal Affirming Ministries where we worship God freely.
Minister Jonah Richardson
I was born in Louisiana in 1957.  My dad died when I was 8.  My mom was an alcoholic and would drop my younger sister and I off at church occasionally.  It wasn't until I was 27 and a single parent of two kids that my cousin introduced me to the Lord.  I have attended several full gospel churches through the years.  I have done transportation for two churches and taught Sunday School to kids from the low income housing developments.  I was ordained as a minister only a year ago.  My burden is for at risk youth and am in training!
Brother Jonah Richardson and his wife Sister Sarah McDougall transport children to church services and church events.
Sister Crystal Lovett, Online Media Ministry
My son and I began attending Pentecostal Affirming Ministries in December 2015. We felt completely comfortable with everyone and soon they became family. We have both enjoyed participating in and helping with the many activities the church provides for its members and the local community. My vision for this ministry is to reach as many as possible through various modalities. I believe in meeting people where they need to be met and showing them the goodness of Jesus Christ through positive attitudes and actions, encouragement and support, and prayer and praise.
Sister Lana Bibbee, Fishers of Men Center Food Pantry Director
Sister Amanda Collins, Redemption Support Group
Sister Melody Carter, KFC Teacher

Address: 847 Woodward Drive Charleston, WV 25387

Phone: (304)946-7292

Sunday Service - 1:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study - 6:30pm

I have been working with children since 1999. I have helped Sister Shannon with the KFC Ministries since the start of the church. My vision for the KFC ministry is to see the children out the adult in number. I want them to learn about Jesus and grow up to be respectable, responsible, and reliable adults. We love making crafts, playing games, singing songs, watching movies, and having our snacks but more than that our lessons come first. I count it a honor to be a part of the kids ministry and look forward to watching these kids continue to mature in their walk with God.
On 11-21-99 I became a Christian.  One day my Pastors Wife called and asked if I would be willing to fill in at our Food Pantry. About 15 minutes of being there and helping them with paperwork and seeing what an incredible difference we were making in their lives, I knew this was my calling. I asked if I could come back the next week and they were as excited as I was.  I had never really realized how many people just needed a little help with food throughout the month. Little did I know that I would wind up meeting some of the most incredible people there that are now my closest friends.
I have the deep desire to give back to my community and to help those in need.
I have been involved in church camp, The Toys for Tots program, yearly backpack program and The Christmas program from the Greenbrier Hotel.
I have always been blessed my entire life with everything I have ever needed or just wanted. My Mother and Grandmother were the absolute greatest heroes in the world. They always stood bedside me.  My Grandmother passed 4-2004 and my Mother 9-2011,  although my world has changed drastically since then, it has made me realize that tomorrow is not promised so we need to love and help each other daily.
My little piece of Heaven on earth is the ocean, and one day I will live near it.  I leaned sign language in High School and had the honor to open for the West Virginia Legislature on 1-25-06 performing "God Bless America" in sign.  I've collected ink pens since I was a young child. I spend my free time listening to flute/panpipes music and doing web design. I have a beautiful little basset hound, Lucy, that is THE most precious pet and loves me as much as I love her.

Music has been a passion of mine and big part of my life ever since i can remember. I picked up my first pair of drumsticks when I was 7, it came natural. I attended Pentecostal Affirming Ministries when they first opened their doors over 5 years ago and was privileged to be their drummer. I strayed from the church but the Lord brought me back early 2016. I count it a blessing to be their drummer once again. While i was away from the church i made some bad decisions, as we all do, and got tangled up with drugs. I have been clean and sober since March 2015. The Lord layed it on my heart to open a support group not only for those who suffer from addiction but for anyone with a hang up, a habbit, or just need love and support and to kno that someone is there for them. Not many people get a second chance but God has given me this chance to b there for others, to give them the love and support that we all need.
Pastor Dusten Gurney, Common Thread Affirming Ministries
Pastor Dusten Gurney is ordained through Pentecostal Affirming Ministries.  He and his partner Bill Finn are lders of Common Thread Affirming Ministries in Columbus Ohio.  Dusten and Bill have been involved in ministry in both Mainstream Denominational and Affirming Churches serving as Bible Study and Sunday School Teachers, Worship Team Members and in other capacities.  Bill has served as a Worship Team Member and Youth Worship and Praise Team Leader as well as being involved in the ministry of music, singing in local church gospel trios.  Dusten holds a Bachelors Degree in Comprehensive Science Education and a Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Bowling Green University. Both Bill and Dusten are actively involved in conducting outreach and Bible Studies to the GLBT Community and are preparing for ministry expansion in the Columbus Ohio area.